FeedDemon - A Great Way to Stay Connected!


FeedDemon by NewsGator is, in my opinion, an awesome RSS reader. (RSS readers display your subscribed RSS feeds - which are the latest blog posts from your favorite blogs).

FeedDemon has a very classy user interface, which is exceptionally simple and easy to use, getting you started with keeping on top of your favorite blogs quickly.

Here's a screenshot:

(Click on image to make larger)

What I like about FeedDemon, and more specifically, NewsGator's products, is that you sign up for a free account, and then you can keep in sync with your favorite blogs wherever you are. NewsGator has software for virtually any platform - there's NetNewsWire for the Mac and iPhone, and NewsGator Go! for mobile phones supporting Java (that's practically all new phones).

FeedDemon is an incredibly powerful application that has all the features you'd need to keep up-to-date on your favorite blogs, and, by using FeedDemon's sister product NewsGator Go!, you can keep all your RSS feeds in sync.

The application has a lovely interface, which makes reading feeds all the more enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoy using it, and it has become a part of my frequently-used applications, earning a prominent spot on my Windows desktop.

You can download FeedDemon, learn more about it and other NewsGator products, by visiting the official NewsGator website: www.newsgator.com.

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