Google Services You Should Be Using


Today I’ve decided to list a few Google products that I use quite often, or have found to be great, that I think you should use as well.

Google has evolved into a diverse range of products, and offer a lot more than just search – you can now manage your calendar, photos, email, and more – from anywhere in the world!

These products are aimed at making your life (and specifically, your online life) much easier to manage. So without further ado, here they are:

  • Gmail: Probably THE BEST web-based email service around, Gmail has made managing my email so much easier. And with practically unlimited storage, it is far superior to its competitors. It also has a nice user interface that is clean and easy to navigate around. You should definitely give Gmail a try (if you don’t use it already). www.gmail.com


  • Google Picasa: I don’t really use the Windows application, but the online Picasa Webs is a neat site that allows you to manage photo albums. In fact, most of the pictures on Byte Lounge are managed using Google Picasa Webs. You should also give the Windows program a try, it’s pretty cool. www.picasa.com


  • Google Chrome: Although not as refined as the other browsers out there today, Chrome is fast becoming a recognized, fast and clean web browser. And it’s developed by the gods of the Internet. Need I say any more? Google Chrome is available for Windows only at the moment, but plans to develop the web browser for other platforms are currently underway. www.google.com/chrome


  • Google Docs: I don’t use this that much, but Docs is very feature-packed and a nice way to create, view and edit Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and now PowerPoint, from anywhere in the world. Check it out at www.google.com/docs


  • Google Reader: I used to use this, until I discovered FeedDemon by NewsGator. But Reader is a great online RSS reader that has powerful features to keep you up-to-date on your favorite blogs. www.google.com/reader

If you haven’t already done so, check out the cool products listed above – they’re very intuitive and can really help you to keep your online life organized. What’s even better, is that they all operate under one Google Account, so you don’t have to sign up separately for each product – you just need your one Google Account to access them.

Check out more Google products by visiting www.google.com, and clicking on the link “More” at the top.


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