iPhone: A Phone or a Very Expensive iPod?


Apple seems to be losing my respect - but not entirely since I admire their sense of style. It's a love-hate relationship, I think.

See, I feel that Apple thinks we live in the stone age. They create a supposedly revolutionary mobile, claim it can't be beaten - and that only the 3G version surpasses the first version. They say that it's, in a nutshell, the ultimate mobile phone. At least, that's the impression I feel I've been given.

But after owning one for myself - and then going back to my more than capable Nokia, I feel that Apple is just a letdown - a company that charges for an overpriced, fancy iPod which has a very basic telephone and pretty interface. Because that's what the iPhone really is: a pretty, incapable telephone that you just happen to be able to carry around in your pocket.

Sure, multitouch is fancy and all that, but after the initial joy, you begin to realize that this phone is a stone-age brick. Yeah, ok, you can jailbreak it. Cool. But that means voiding a warranty for a very expensive iPod.

iPhone has a very powerful ARM processor that can handle some pretty intense stuff - if it were actually allowed to. Apple seems to think that its customers are stupid monkeys that can't or don't know how to use technology. What utter nonsense.

Apple loves to criticise Microsoft about having a stranglehold on its customers. But that is such hypocrisy once you use the iPhone. The pretty boys up at 1 Infinite Loop think that their little iPhone Dev Kit is a godsend - a miracle that is so advance that something as popular as Java cannot be supported on the device. Oh wait - apparently, according to Mr Jobs, Java is dead; nobody uses it anymore. I think that aptly explains why over a million Java apps are available for free on the World Wide Web, why many enterprises use custom-developed Java apps, why hundreds, if not thousands of schools carry out their IT syllabus with Java training.

Here's a quick list of some of what iPhone can't, and what other real phones can do:

  • iPhone can't MMS
  • iPhone has the worst camera for the price you pay: no flash, no zoom, no advanced options
  • iPhone can't record video
  • iPhone can't run more than one application (besides the music player) at the same time (i.e. multi-task)
  • iPhone can't forward SMS messages
  • iPhone can't share videos, images, music and other files via Bluetooth (what a waste of such a great technology... it sickens me!)
  • What a waste of 8GB or 16GB of memory - you can't store other files on the hard drive; it's not access able on the PC (like how the iPod Classic is)
  • iPhone is exceptionally soft
  • The battery life is despicable
  • It eats airtime
  • Only AppStore applications may run on it - no Java apps... this means forking out real money to extend the capabilities of the expensive brick
  • No copy/paste of text - and this phone was supposed to revolutionize the way we keep ourselves organized? Give me a break...

Well, iHope that Apple catches a wake-up call, although I think they're becoming a bit ridiculous by trying to compete with the supreme mobile phone gods like Nokia and Sony Ericsson. They should just stick to making their computers and iPods - at least they know what they're doing there.

In the meantime, I'll just stick with my nearly-2 year old Nokia that is still more advanced than the iPhone.


Sweet P. said...

hi.this is a fascinating post! i really can't work out whether you are fan of apple or not! definitely a 'love/hate' relationship. but really a facilnating post. i personally think the iPhone is exceptionally stylish; but then i use don't use all the other 'bells and whistles' that you techno-boffins do,so iu guess i really don't know any better!

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