Our Connected World


Over the years, I have seen an alarming rate of people getting on to the Internet, especially connecting on social networking sites to speak to far away family and friends. Here in South Africa, it has suddenly risen to a point where the words "Facebook" and "MXit" can be found almost every second day in a daily newspaper.

For me, this is a wonderful thing - it means that, because more people are connecting to these websites, there is a larger number of people online. This puts pressure on Internet service providers to up their game and provide a better service.

But more than just that, it means that us as human beings are becoming closer - I can bear testament to that, as I connect on a regular basis with my family abroad, as well as friends I've made on karate trips to international countries.

The sad thing, though, is that these online networking tools can be, and are, abused. With this great power that is the Internet comes immense responsibility, without which you become a venerable online user.

In my next post, I will provide a few "tips" on how to stay safe online, which I wrote some time ago but never got round to publishing.

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