Seems Like There’s No New MXit…


Oops, seems like I’ve got it wrong in my previous posts! Apologies!

After visiting the MXit wap site (www.mxit.com/wap) on my mobile to check if there’s a new version available (as was mentioned in the last two posts) I see that nothing has changed… I’ve also logged in to my MXit account, and still nothing…

So, this can only mean one thing: there’s not going to be any new version of MXit released today… sadly.

However, you never know… maybe tomorrow MXit Lifestyle will release the new version, or even sometime later this week…

In the meantime, if you haven’t downloaded MXit as yet, why not do so? Visit www.mxit.com/wap from your mobile phone, and to learn more about the chat program, visit the official website: www.mxit.com

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