ShoZu - Mobile Blogging


You may have noticed my previous post had a little image at the end with the words "Posted by ShoZu". Well, this meant that I had posted that blog entry from my mobile phone - and so can you!

ShoZu is a very cool application that runs on almost all mobiles, that allows you to connect with hundreds of social networks whilst on the go.

You are able to connect with networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, Photobucket, Flickr and more. As stated on thier official website: ShoZu allows you to "connect your mobile phone with your online life".

With the app, you are able to do some cool things like upload photos and videos to your Facebook profile, check up on (and update) status's, and of course, blog from your mobile.

I see myself using this program a lot when I'm away on holiday next week, so you can be sure that Byte Lounge will still be alive over the months of December and January.

To download ShoZu (it's FREE!), point your mobile browser to: m.shozu.com and follow the simple steps there.

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