Technology Doesn’t Stop In These Trying Times


Even though the entire world is bleak due to the economic crisis, it seems like technology only goes in one direction – forward.

Technology seems to be one of the only things driving us out of these trying times, surging ahead in delivering some really cool products.

Take Nokia’s sleek N97, a digital powerhouse that is touted as the Nseries’ flagship. Or the fact that U.S. President-elect Barrack Obama made history and won a campaign in a way never done before.

In fact, let’s delve further with that: Obama won the election by having a strong digital presence, something that has been long over-looked by many other campaigns the world over. He made sure he had an active presence on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This ensured many of his votes from the tech-savvy younger generation.

And this goes to show the power that technology has over us; the fact that it can take us out of our current bleak economic state.

By focusing on what technology has to offer us, we are able to see things in a new light; using the power of the Web, we are now able to easily connect with each other, share ideas, collaborate, and find solutions quicker.

Technology and the Web also offers us more opportunities to exercise our talents, and put them to good use.

And at the same time, it allows us to have fun,  to enjoy our lives, and to make us aware that our lives are meant to be lived and to be enjoyed; not to worry constantly over.

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