Welcome to Byte Lounge!


Hi! Byte Lounge is a new blog that will publish exciting lifestyle technology news, thoughts, reviews and views. From the latest notebooks to high powered desktops, PlayStation to the Nintendo Wii, iPods, Zune, operating systems, mobiles - you name it, we're bound to write about it!

My name is Rahul Dowlath, and I am the main blogger on this site. From time to time, you may also read posts by guest bloggers. I encourage you to participate in the discussion by dropping a comment at the end of a post. This way, we'll have some interesting things to talk about, and I think it'll be fun!

I will try my best to post as regularly as possible, and you are most welcome to add Byte Lounge to your RSS feeds (I highly reccommend FeedDemon for Windows ;)

Without further ado, I once again welcome you to the blog and hope you enjoy the posts. So come on in, chill out and enjoy the warm ambience at the Byte Lounge!

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