What's All This iPhone Nano Hype?


Not even a year after the iPhone 3G was released, and already the Internet is full of hype about the speculated, smaller iPhone Nano.

Apparently, this mobile will be priced lower than the current iPhone, and I suspect that, just like how the iPod Nano "stole the show" from the Classic, because it was priced lower and its form factor was more appealing, so will this rumoured iPhone Nano do the same.

However, I feel that, for it to really do well, Apple will have to introduce the following:

- Bluetooth file sharing
- Java application support
- Front camera for video call
- Higher quality camera
- Zoom and video support for the camera

Even though this Nano phone may not be introduced, I have a feeling we'll be in for a real surprise concerning the iPhone at MacWorld 2009.

Posted by ShoZu

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