Why I’m Unhappy with Firefox


firefox_logo For well over two years now, I’ve been a devout Firefox user. I was even considering removing Internet Explorer from my system, and living only in Firefox, but decided against it as I do a bit of web and desktop software development, and as any good programmer knows, you need to be compliant! ;)

Alright, on the outset, let’s get one thing straight: I enjoy Firefox; it’s got a very good looking interface, and it usually works.

However, I’ve been experiencing some problems with it lately, like the fact that it drops connection and gives up on loading a web page quite frequently.

So I decided to try out the Opera browser. It’s a free download from www.opera.com. I use the mobile app, Opera Mini, and so I thought, “hey, why not try this out?”

Turns out that Opera has been very well written, and that it hardly drops connection – like what Firefox does quite a lot of the time.

Another glitch that I’m not too fond of in Firefox is its memory leak – the application is heavily memory intensive, and can make working on other tasks on the computer a bit of a pain. I really hope that Mozilla fix this in a future release of Firefox.

So, will I move from Firefox to Opera? No. Because I’m simply too used to Firefox, and I love the fact that you can really customize it. But if Mozilla doesn’t give these issues any attention, then I’ll have no choice but to make the jump.


lionel said...

i love opera cause its much better but never fire fox and never will

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