Windows 7 Set to Rock!


I've been following the development of the next version of Microsoft Windows very closely. I did the same with the Vista development, and was really excited - until the horror stories emerged shortly after the operating system was released.

But I feel that now is different - I've been looking at some of the new features that Windows 7 has to offer, and it looks very promising.

From what the boys at Microsoft claim, the refined user interface will make it easier to work with. They also say that they want the migration from the current Vista to 7 to be quick and non-complicated, with most current hardware that supports Vista, being able to support 7.

Microsoft also seems to be downplaying the hype over this newer system, which I think is a good move on their part, as Vista created so much hype that the finished product didn't meet up to expectations.

It also appears that Microsoft will be implementing the "Ribbon" interface seen in Office 2007 in most of the system apps in 7 - i.e. WordPad, Paint etc. The system calculator will also get a much needed improvement with added features like a mortgage and loan calculator, amongst other newer features.

It seems like Windows 7 will be a "much better version of Vista" in my opinion. It also looks stunning, and I look forward to getting my hands on it when it releases.

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