Exploring the Web: Beyond Facebook


Recently, I’ve been talking with quite a few friends who, whilst not very tech-savvy, are heavy users of the social networking giant, Facebook. The response I seem to be getting from some of them is that, “Facebook is getting boring.” A similar thing happened a while ago (a little before the “Facebook phenomenon”) when the South African mobile messaging service, MXit, became “boring” to many of my friends (and I can safely include myself in that list — I’m logging onto MXit very infrequently nowadays).

Whilst this post isn’t to fathom the reasons why these services are getting “boring”, I can perhaps point to the fact that maybe these users are logging onto the site too often, and we all know that excessive frequency in doing something can become monotonous — after all, it’s human nature.

However, to get back to topic, I find that many people’s experience with Web 2.0 begins and abruptly stops at Facebook (I’m picking on Facebook here because it’s so damn popular ;) — please bear with me). In other words, they don’t get to experience the hundreds of other great modern websites, maybe because they don’t know of them yet.

So, my plan is to go about changing this. I want to campaign for Web 2.0, and tell people about the many great sites out there that can add a touch of colour to their lives, and perhaps even help out in some situations. And I’m going to do this today, in this very post: below, you’ll find some cool links to sites that I deem to be interesting, of use, or just plain fun to visit.

I think I’m getting addicted to this site! Twitter, the “microblogging” craze, has taken the world by storm. Basically, you post short (140 character) messages about what you’re doing right now, as well as follow others who are doing the same. You can also chat to — and connect with — many like-minded people, and stay up-to-date with current issues around the world. (You can follow me on Twitter here.)

It’s already won quite a few awards, and has been featured on TechCrunch already. Gyminee is basically a health and fitness website. Through this site, you can set fitness goals for yourself, design workout programs, connect with “GymBuddies” who aim to motivate you to reach your goals, and you can also design and get information on nutrition. The site is really well-laid out, and loaded with numerous useful features. I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting to stick to that New Year’s resolution of “eating healthy, getting fit”.

Whilst this isn’t so much a “network”-like site (like Facebook, for example), Lifehacker is a really interesting site. On it, you can find “tips and downloads for getting things done”.

And lastly, ZenHabits
This is a favourite of mine: ZenHabbits is a brilliant blog with the main idea of providing the reader with ways to become more productive, and live a fuller life. On it you can find tips for meditation, good work habits, and a host of tips for GTD (getting things done).

Check them out, and who knows, maybe the next time you find yourself saying, “Hmm… Facebook’s getting boring”, you’ll know that there is something else out there to pique your interest and offer you great fun online. Here’s to enjoying the awesomeness of Web 2.0!

If you have a link to a site that you think is interesting, and that wasn’t mentioned above, please feel free to drop a line in the comments section.

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