MXit Skin Builder available - finally


It took them nearly 3 years, but MXit Lifestyle, the company that develops the popular (and rather controversial) mobile instant messaging application MXit, has finally released a Skin Builder that allows you to create your own skins to use on your MXit client.

Basically, you design the skin on your PC, then save it and send it via the Internet to your mobile phone using an intuitive wizard. Your skin appears in the Gallery in MXit the next time you log in.

But there is a catch, though: in order to send skins to your phone, you'll need to be a Freestyler (it costs a few Moola).

Read the release message from the MXit team at their forum: http://forum.mxit.com/viewtopic.php?t=18044

And download the Skin Builder for Windows here:

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