PC running slow? CClean it!


If you find that your PC is running slow, its most likely because the Windows Registry is a bit messed up. This usually happens when some programs that you uninstall don’t remove themselves properly, but it can also be caused due to some other more complex technical issues.

The point is, in order to have a smooth, quick machine, you need to make sure that your Registry is correctly set up. Doing this manually is virtually impossible, and so that’s why there are some tools to help you out!

Probably the best in the business right now is Registry Mechanic; however, this application isn’t free.

image There is an alternative that does the job well enough, though: it’s called CCleaner, and its free (of course!)

With CCleaner, you can clean your Registry of unnecessary problems (the first time I ran it, over a thousand problems were found!!), and you can also remove unused files from your system to free up disk space and thus run a more efficient system.

I strongly suggest you get this app, as it greatly improves performance and stability of your PC.

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