Twibble: Twitter Updates on Your Mobile!


Today I joined millions of other microbloggers when I finally signed up for Twitter. I've found it to be an amazing way of expressing myself quickly and concisely, and its quite fun to follow others and see what everyone is up to in their part of the world.

The Twitter site is very nice and intuitive, but I can't always be in front of my computer when I want to be tweeting; Twitter is meant for writing mini blogs wherever you are. So I did a quick search on the net and found a neat little Java-based app for mobile phones called Twibble.

Twibble is a fairly easy-to-use application and it's getting me hooked on the Twitter revolution. When you first launch the app, it asks you for your Twitter login details, and you can also set the theme of the app to your liking (I'm using the "Grey" theme - looks nice).

Thereafter, you can Tweet away, and also set it for updating automatically to show you the latest Tweets from people you're following.

If you're running a recent mobile phone, you'll be able to minimize Twiddle to the background, and it'll update automatically for you. However, one little gripe that I have with the updating is that it constantly asks me whether "I want to continue with the operation" (or something similar). This, though, I think is a problem with my specific mobile (Nokia N73).

I believe that Twiddle is also available for the desktop (as an Adobe Air application - which means that it's cross-platform), however I am yet to try that version out.

All in all, Twiddle is a great little app for your phone to keep you up-to-date with your tweets and followers; it has a great looking interface that's customizable with a few built-in-themes, and apart from the little annoying confirmation message each time it automatically updates, it's a great app. I highly recommend it for you - give it a try, and drop a line in the comments with what you think about it.

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