What Exactly is Web 2.0?


web 2.0 The latest buzzword around the Internet today is Web 2.0. You've most likely seen it bandied about on one site or another, in magazine articles and in current affairs. And rightfully so, as Web 2.0 is the term used to describe not only the next generation of the World Wide Web, but also a revolution in popular culture.

Basically, industry experts have described the "first generation" of the Web as being only for accessing information created by others. In other words, you were not abele create content yourself. Websites in this first generation were "static", meaning that only the owners of the site created and published content, and visitors to the site were just that: visitors; they consumed content.

However, as technology developed, websites started offering visitors the ability to interact with them. Now, instead of visitors merely consuming content, they began to create content for the sites. These websites became driven by the users, and it has lead to a major step forward in the way we create, connect and become influenced by popular culture. In fact, whole businesses have sprouted around the world that make their profits by offering online services that adhere to Web 2.0.

You've definitely already experienced Web 2.0 - the social revolution - through your online surfing. Here’s a few “Web 2.0” sites that are popular and leading the revolution:
  • Blogger (the platform which Byte Lounge runs on)
  • Facebook (social networking)
  • Bebo (social networking)
  • Twitter (microblogging)
  • and of course, YouTube (video sharing)
That list is just an example of a few of the hundreds of Web 2.0 sites currently online. If you haven’t already signed up to a social networking, content sharing or similar “Web 2.0” site, I suggest you do so soon, as the revolution is hear and its ready to evolve our lives, influencing our opinions, views and attitudes towards our digital lifestyle.

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