What the iPhone needs to dominate business



The iPhone has long been seen as a smartphone worthy of business executives; its intuitive features make it easy for professionals to manage their schedule, keep in sync with emails using Microsoft Exchange, and it undeniable style makes for excellent first impressions –something that’s highly important in the business world.

And with iPhone OS 3.0 set to release very shortly, the iPhone is set to really pack in some worthwhile features.

However, there is one thing, I feel, that it lacks – and what could possibly be its Achilles’ Heal: an “Office mobile” solution similar to the ones found on Windows Mobile-based smartphones. Sure, you can download a similar app from the AppStore I hear you say; but why must someone do that when, across the border the Windows Mobile folks get it for FREE with their phone?

I say that Apple should at least offer, standard and pre-installed on every iPhone, a mobile productivity solution similar to the Pocket Office series. Here’s an idea: why not make an iWork for Mobile version, and have that pre-installed? I think that’d be great! Well, we can only hope for this… and hopefully it’ll be here in the rumored iPhone update in June.


Sweet P. said...

I for one, as a corporate manager that relies heavily on my iPhime for my schedules etc, fully support your suggestion that the iWork package be preinstalled. i know it will make my life much much easier. Great suggestion - hope the 'peeps' at Apple (hehe - pun intended!) are listening!

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