The Zune HD: Multi-touch, HDMI


imageMicrosoft Corporation, famous for having created the “iPod clone” known as the strangely named Zune, is set to launch the music player’s updated version very soon.

Interestingly, it has been found that the Zune HD (touted as being a direct competitor to the iPod touch) will support multi-touch gestures on its larger, 3.6” OLED glass-looking screen.

It will also support HD (high definition) video, as is becoming the industry norm nowadays. HDMI is also on the cards, and this means that it’ll be possible to hook your Zune HD to your HD television and watch HD movies in all of HD’s glory. (Whew, that’s a lot of HD! ;)

Already, the Zune supports games created with Microsoft’s free XNA game creation kit, and, coupled with its slick compatibility with the most popular (if not the most unliked) operating system, it still remains to be seen whether the Zune can steal the iPod’s thunder.

The iPod is the world’s most favorite music player, selling well over a million and pushing the boundaries in the world of personal, portable media. The iPod touch has notably been enjoying quite a bit of success, becoming the “darling” of Apple, along with its phone-capable sibling, the iPhone. Apple’s tremendous success with its AppStore concept, which has been raking in millions of dollars for the California-based computer empire and the many developers around the world who are part of the development program for iPhone OS (the same operating system that powers the iPod touch) has yet to see a viable threat from opposition companies.

Come September, when both the Zune and the iPod line are expected to see a refresh, we’ll come to know whether the AppStore, the current drawback to Zune dominance, will meet its match from the crafty hands in Redmond.

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