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Recently, I wrote that I wasn't very happy with Opera Mini, a Java-based mobile application for connecting to the Internet. Well, after reading my post, a commenter suggested that I try out BOLT browser, an application very similar to Opera Mini, but with hardly any problems (I say "hardly" because the app is still in beta, so a few problems here and there can be expected).

However, I found absolutely NO problems in installing and running the browser on my mobile. The installation process was very straightforward, seamless and quick. The interface is slick and professional, and I was impressed (I'm an admirer of well-designed applications).

Without reading the extensive FAQ list on the BOLT browser website, I was still able to get started pretty quickly. That's because the app is very easy to use, with a straightforward interface.

However, one little gripe that I have with the app, and which I wish the developers would add in a future release, is that there isn't a "mobile" view. This is a feature in Opera Mini that I use extensively, which cuts down data a lot, and thus saves a lot of my airtime. Another feature lacking is the ability to turn images off - another way for a teen like myself, who has a tight mobile budget, to save airtime.

Overall, though, BOLT is an exceptional browser that is really fast and has an intuitive, stylish interface. You can download the beta by following the instructions on the BOLT browser website (http://boltbrowser.com/).


BOLT Browser said...

Thank you for your very nice write up of our BOLT mobile browser. One point we'd like to mention is that BOLT does support mobile view. You can toggle between mobile and desktop views through the preferences selections in the menu. Here are the instructions from our FAQ: http://boltbrowser.com/faq.html#detectwap

Thank you again for trying and reviewing BOLT!

Rahul said...

Hi again, thanks! Sorry for that mistake in the review, and I look forward to using BOLT.

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