Opera Mini has Lost its Magic


I rely heavily on my mobile for some of my Internet use, and my app of choice when on the go, is, of course, Opera Mini.

Mini has become the "de facto" standard for thousands of mobile users, and it's come to my rescue many times when my main Internet connection, my computer, fails. However, as I've progressed with the app from version 3 to the now current version 4.1, I've found a rapid decline in the quality of the software.

Granted, I don't live in the US, or any of the regions where the new servers are powering version 4.2, but, surely, now that quite a large chunk of traffic has been removed from the main servers, the service should get better? Well, apparently no.

For over quite a few months, I've been experiencing sluggish loading with the app, (even though I'm getting perfect cellphone reception, and other Internet apps on my mobile are connecting quite fine to the net), and, more that often my connection attempts are greeted with the formidable "Failed to Connect to the Internet" error.

I'm just hoping that a newer version of Opera Mini is released very soon. This is an excellent app for mobile phones, and I really hate to see it decline in such a way. Comments are open for what you think of Opera Mini.


John Sidline said...

Rahul, have you heard of the BOLT mobile browser? Like Opera Mini it renders web pages as they display on desktop computers, but unlike Opera Mini it renders them with better definition, is faster and also streams video. It just launched into beta in February at Mobile World Congress. You might want to give it a try at http://boltbrowser.com.

Rahul said...

Hi John! Thanks for the suggestion, I'm currently downloading and trying it out. I'll post my thoughts on it very soon.

John Sidline said...

Thanks Rahul. We hope you like it. Check out the FAQ on http://boltbrowser.com for user tips. Also we have a press kit at http://bitstream.mobilitypr.com that has a reviewers guide that may be of value too.

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