The Apple Tablet: A Good or Bad Move?


The big hype right now in the tech world is Apple's rumoured Tablet computer. This neat little device is set to complement the portable Mac line-up, and would be the Cupertino company's first all-touch screen computer.

Now while this sounds great, and it's gotten thousands wishing for it, we need to step back for a minute and assess whether this move is a good one for Apple - especially in today's economic climate.

My opinion is that Apple should hold back on the tablet, at least for a few more months (if they're planning to release it in early 2010, for example, then they should roll it out in mid-2010 instead). This would provide them the chance to reduce prices on current Mac computers, and strengthen their current line-up of Macs (portable and desktop) with solid features that can give competitors a run for their money.

Apple has long been infamous for its exorbitant prices, and those wishing to experience a Mac are put off mainly by the price point.

Thus, by not focussing on the Tablet right now, they can reduce prices and propel their current range, and at the same time booster their stocks. This would certainly look good for investors, and at the same time, Apple can begin to gain more market share more quickly.

So, what's your opinion about Apple's Tablet? Should they release it now, and if so, do you think it'd be a good move? Comment away ;)

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