"It's Only Rock and Roll": New iPods...


So, the big Apple event for September, and the showcase of everybody's favourite computer manufacturer's music products, has just ended. And while I'm sitting here at my desk all the way in Durban, on the other side of the world, I've been keeping up with the event to-the-minute via the great live coverage by Engadget. (Big ups to the guys over there!)

The first thing that I was very impressed with was the standing ovation for Steve Jobs when he took the stage. It's great to see the man back and innovating! This is a sure sign that we can expect even greater things in the not-too-distant future from Apple.

So, the big news today was the update of the iPod line. I'm quite happy with it, and I think that these updates provide a fresh take to Apple's flagship line of music players.

iPod touch
The Touch is, according to Apple executive Phill Schiller, their fastest-selling iPod to-date. And so Apple has decided to lower the price of the entry model (8GB) from $299 to $199! (Touch fans rejoice the world over). Furthermore, they're upping the capacity to 64GB in the highest-end model, that will retail for $399. The 16GB sticks around at a smooth $299.

The Touch will be receiving a graphics update to be able to run OpenGL-based applications. This means that we can expect some great looking and exciting new games making an appearence on the App Store. Some of the games demoed at the event were Madden 2010 and Assassin's Creed 2!. The iPhone OS software that runs on the Touch has been updated to v3.1 (free update via iTunes).

iPod classic
The Classic gets a basic update to 160GB capacity, and remains at the same price point. Nothing maervelous here, but at least they're still keeping it. This is the 'Pod that I'm eyeing (I'm "old-skool"...;)

iPod nano
The Nano gets the biggest and best update out of the entire line. It will feature a video camera that will allow you to instantly upload to YouTube when your new Nano is plugged in to iTunes. It also receives a new look, with vibrant glossy colours. It also includes, of all things, a pedometer that can link-up to your Nike+ gear, giving you a step-count. I see this as a great feature for all the gym junkies and jogger-holics out there ;)

The Verdict
I'm liking the new 'Pods. However, I feel that Apple could've done better with the Classic, which, after all, is their most definitive iPod ever. I will definitely be considering this particular one, as, like I said, I'm "old skool" and prefer the Classic look and click wheel. Plus, the 160GB capacity looks about right to store my entire music collection, plus my movies and TV shows.

If, like me, you're in South Africa, and are considering updating/getting an iPod, I strongly suggest you wait until the new models arrive at the iStore or other popular computer stores in about a few weeks. This way, you'll avoid the inevitable disappointment if you get an older model and then discover the newer replacement -- I've been in that position, and trust me, it's not a great feeling.

To check out the new iPods, head over to Apple's website (www.apple.com). Also be sure to read the reviews of the new iPods at blogs like Engadget, where their writers are actually at the event, and are getting hands-on time with the gadgets.

Don't forget to drop a line in the Comments section on what you think about the new iPods.

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