A Look at Need for Speed Nitro


EA is set to take on a new direction with their flagship racing game, Need for Speed, and in this article we take a look at the Wii version of the game.

Now, arguably, the previous Wii offering of NFS was "OK". The novelty of pseudo-racing with a mock steering wheel eventually wore off, and gamers were left having to deal with a sub-standard storyline. I, for one, was dissapointed with the game as I had been really excited to try out the Wii version.

However, that has been a thing of the past. EA has finally realised the potential of Nintendo's darling console, and as such have dedicated an entire studio, which has had previous (successful) experience with the Wii, to developing a Wii-centric version of the game, titled Need for Speed: Nitro.

Nitro is set to be more "arcade-style" compared to its siblings on the Xbox and PlayStation. It's meant to be exciting, fun and fast-paced - all the elements needed for a good racing game. Here's a trailer of the game. I'm really looking forward to it, as the graphics look far more improved than that of Undercover. The game is coming out on 17 November 2009, around the same time as its predecessor was released last year.

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