Opera Mini 5 Brings The Real Web In Your Palm


Opera Mini has long been known as the web browser that "democratised" the mobile web. Before its first version was released, the only way to get a decent web experience on a mobile was through an expensive smartphone. "Dumbphones" that didn't have sufficient processing power couldn't even dream of running a competent browser.

Through the years, Opera ASA has enhanced this product significantly with many features that have really improved what is a solid product to start with. There have been minor glitches along the way, but Opera Mini is still the best mobile browser out there at the moment.

Recently, Opera ASA has released a beta version of the next step in Opera Mini's development, and after trying it out I must say that I'm impressed.

Opera Mini 5 now looks just like a desktop browser. The traditional "Start Page" is now arranged in a grid, with a small preview of your favourite bookmarks in each block. There's inline form filling. And you can now copy text from a webpage (if your phone supports copy and paste, that is). The overall interface has been overhauled and the result is a very intuitive web browser that gives you the World Wide Web in the palm of your hand.

One feature that I really like is the new "mobile" view. This view now includes a "mouse" (just like in the standard "web" view) but it supports quick scrolling via the 2, 8, 4 and 6 keys on your phone's keypad. This gives you the power of browsing like on a desktop, but with enhanced speed to navigate around larger pages.

You can also give Opera Mini 5 a go on your phone. Simply navigate to mini.opera.com from your phone's web browser, and click on the "Beta" link.

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