Saving YouTube Movies with SaveTube


Back in April, I wrote about a way to download videos to your computer from YouTube. A few days ago, my cousin, Nitesh, told me about an even easier way to do this, and I thought I'd share it with everyone here.

The process is really quick. Visit www.savetube.com and paste the URL of the YouTube video you wish to download in the text box at the top of the page. Click "Go". The page will load, and present you with a similar looking page as the previous one. Now, scroll down until you see the control for "Download". The video will download to your hard drive.

However, the donwloaded file will be in Flash format (.flv). Most computers won't have the correct software to play this, so I've compiled a little list of free .flv players for you to use on Windows and Mac.

FLV  Player works on Windows, and does just what it says, in a neat and simple user interface.
  • Wimpy FLV Player
Wimpy is for both Windows and Mac. It works really well, and is quite similar to FLV Player.

To convert the FLV file to a normal format, you can use free software from a site called Aneesoft - there's converters for both Windows and Mac to get your FLV file to a popular format, such as those needed for playing the videos on an iPod or iPhone.

Special thanks to Nitesh for pointing out SaveTube to me - thanks!

Hope this post helped. Don't forget to drop a line in the comments about any other means that you may know of for getting YouTube videos onto a computer.

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