uTweetMe: Dynamite Comes in Small Packages


I am an avid user of Twitter, and as such, I needed a solid Twitter app that I could use when out and about to keep my Twitter updated.

I have mentioned using Twibble, but ever since I've moved to a new Nokia N79, this app hasn't been playing nice with it. Furthermore, Twibble seems to like "deactivating" itself after a certain time period, and it thus requires you to re-download the app.

So after much Internet searching, I've found a little gem of an app that works beautifully on my N79. It's called uTweetMe, and it runs on all Java-compatible phones (sorry iPhone users... but you've got your own set of Twitter apps anyway).

uTweetMe is a very simple application. It doesn't have a fancy interface, and its menus are very straightforward. I guess this aspect is what makes it so good: it's able to run really fast because it doesn't need to be a resource thief.

While it may have a simple UI, this doesn't mean that it compromises on features. On the contrary, uTweetMe is packed with the necessary tools any Twitter user requires on-the-go. The UI is intuitively designed to allow you to blast a quick tweet whilst on the commute to work, with the "New Update" command being the first selectable item when the app loads.

From the main menu, you can navigate the application. What's great about uTweetMe is that it has the ability to save templates, so you can quickly send a pre-written tweet on-the-go. I find myself using this feature a lot to save tweets that I like, especially those with links that I wish to check out when I'm back in front of my computer.

The "Inbox" menu command is where most users will find themselves a lot in. From the "Inbox" menu, you can select Twitter's different Timelines to keep up-to-date with the people you follow, @replies, and the management of your direct messages. You can also initiate searches, and their results will appear underneath the default timelines.

One little feature that I hope makes it into a future version of this app is the ability to follow people. This, as I see it, is the only thing that the app lacks. Otherwise, for a mobile Twitter app, it's great!

Overall, I am extremely impressed with uTweetMe. This app goes to show that dynamite does comes in small packages, and it certainly packs a punch. In July this year, when I went to Switzerland, I used the app extensively to provide Twitter updates for the guys back home. The direct approach to Twitter is what uTweetMe does best, and as such it got me connected with the wider world when I was far away from home.

It's available for all Java-based phones. Go here to download it (you'll need to send it to your phone from your PC).

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