BOLT Browser Finally Out of Beta


BOLT Browser, the mobile Internet browser that we ran a review of earlier this year, is finally out of its beta stage, and is into mainstream release today, according to an email sent to beta testers.

The browser in its beta form was fairly competent at browsing the web on a phone, although some features, such as the "mobile" view and "cut-down" rendering, which subsequently saves costs, found in competing browsers like Opera Mini, were notably absent from BOLT.

On the plus side, though, version 1.5, which is the official "final" release of BOLT, and its first version out of the beta phase, supports video streaming of any length (think YouTube on your phone!), up to an apparent 1.5% speed increase in browsing, and a new download manager to facilitate downloading files from the net.

This new browser will be competing with the formidable Opera Mini 5 browser, which, although currently in beta phase, is looking extremely promising with a slick new interface and some snazzy new features. However, Opera Mini does lack the video capabilities of BOLT, and this may just lend the upper hand to the newer browser.

BOLT Browser is available to download from this site.

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