Is Apple Going To Be The Next Google?


Apple has changed its stance significantly over the past ten years. Once exclusively a "computer" company (with the word part of their name) the Cupertino-based company is now focussed on the consumer electronics scene - a market that is very widespread and at times can be a bit ambiguous.

But a latest string of events has much cause for concern regarding Apple and Google's relationship. Once "BFFs", a rift has slowly formed between the two, with its highest point being the departure of Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) from Apple's Board.

What's even more interesting is Apple's sneaky intrusion into business areas currently dominated by the search giant Google - things like Apple's acquisition of maps developer PolicyMap in July and their increasing interest in web-based services makes us wonder whether Apple is trying to "pull a Microsoft" and go head-to-head with the formiddable search giant.

We've seen what that can entail - Microsoft's constant duel with Google has resulted in the Redmond company developing some strange services (Bing, anyone?) that tries very hard, but never quite makes the cut, of usurping the search throne. Let's just hope that if they do go this route, Apple will do it with their unique style and innovative flair - thus they wouldn't lose face as quick as Microsoft did.


Ron said...

I have been waiting for apple to come out of the closet.

A Geek Girl said...

Apple has focused on making good products that meet the needs of a very unique market. It might be a bad thing for them to spread themselves too thin. They have a specific market and it might get watered down by focusing outside of the arena.

I think of Apple as the nerdy girl down the street who always has her nose shoved in a book. You might think she's geek cute, but you know you'll never date her. She's just too weird. Whilst Microsoft is the Prom Queen. You'll never be more than a passing thought.

But Apple going head to head with Google for top search engine dog? Why? It's apples and oranges (no pun intended).

Apple rules over the Kingdom of music and phones.
Google rules over the Dominion of internet advertising.

They both have a narcissistic lack of integrity within their own arenas, but they've genuflected politely to one another in the past.

Apple needs to just stay focused on iPods and phones. They'll never take Goliath Google down by playing search engine patty-cake, and they may well lose their asses if they let someone else sneak up on them in music or phones... and everyone is trying to. The phone competition is stiff right now.

This concerns me because, although Google's terms of service are obtuse at best, Apple has a proven history of forcing downloads, gathering information about what's on your computer without asking your permission first, and using that information to control how you can use your own computer. I don't think I would ever trust them enough to even try their search engine.

Rahul said...

@Ron: very true. Apple is needing to expand its outlook if it wants to break-through in the current economic conditions.

@A Geek Girl: Very profound! What you've mentioned about Apple needing to focus on areas where they are strong is very true. Although they need to "break-through" (as Ron mentions above) they need to perhaps focus on doing so within realms that they are performing best in.

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