What Is Google Wave?


The tech scene is abuzz with talks about a new Google service in the making, called Google Wave. But what exactly is it?

Web 2.0, the social revolution, has spawned a new type of technology called "cloud computing", which enables a user's information to be stored "in the cloud" - literally, on servers owned by the service that the user signed up for (e.g. Facebook).

Now, Google Wave is basically a type of cloud-based service that will allow users to collaborate in real-time on projects using digital media like photos, text, videos, maps and sound. Its an enhanced communication method that will allow people working on projects to collaborate with each other via the power of the Internet. It sounds cool, especially since it has that "Google Factor" to it, which means we can expect an innovative approach to this type of service.

This type of service has been done by Microsoft already, with their "Groove" product which integrates with Microsoft Office, so it will be interesting to see what Google has to offer.


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