Why I Don't Like Touchscreen Phones


Touch screen phones are all the rage these days. Everywhere you look, there's some new phone out that offers a 3.5" touch display (usually with no keyboard).

Having owned an iPhone 3G, I am of the firm belief that full touch phones are just a gimmick - their original "wow" factor tends to ware off, and the user is usually left with a user experience that's anything but amazing.

For instance, one major gripe that I have about these types of phones is the inability to "feel" the keyboard, thus allowing you to type without looking at the screen (something I tend to do a little too often). Besides, being able to "feel" a keyboard ensures that you feel "secure" in what you've pressed - you can be sure that that key is what the corresponding writing on-screen will be.

Furthermore, touch screen phones pose the problem of being very delicate devices. A cracked touch screen can run the repair bill up to quite an extraordinary figure - and manufacturers usually don't include the screen as part of the warranty.

While I am an opponent of the advent of touch screen phones, I'm not ruling them out. Touch is the future, we all know that. But what I think is cool is the "hybrid" phones, like most HTC mobiles and Nokia's new N97. These phones offer a ful touch screen for easy, quick access to things like reading new texts, or pulling up contact information. But they also include a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard so that you can compose text in an easier manner.

What's your take on touch screen phones? Drop a line in the comments, I look forward to your unique opinions.


Anonymous said...

I agree Rahul, i am planning on getting the N97 only because it includes a qwerty keyboard as well as the touch screen, without the keyboard i wouldn't consider buying it. '

Like you said, the wow factor sort of disappears after a while, I'd rather have an ipod touch and a phone with a keyboard :)


Rahul said...

@Bhavna, the N97 is an awesome phone! From what I've heard about it, it has a very intuitive interface - I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Yeah, I don't even like the iPod touch that much - it is a great device, it's just that I'm not too keen on the whole touch thing. You could say I'm "old school", but my favourite iPod is, and I think always will be, the iPod classic.

Anonymous said...

Yes - I thought I was the only one but I hate touchscreen ANYTHING. Don't like the iPAD or any touch screen phones. Ick.

Anonymous said...

I have heard many times that touch screen phone don't last people always ining up sending them back the company should make better touch screen phones they need do more research on it to make a better touch screen phones so anyboby don't have to send then back I like touch screen it is good to have and much quicker to use people just like to have a different touch screen to see how good it works

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