MXit on Mac, PC


Just a quick heads-up: MXit Lifestyle, makers of the popular South African (and now international) instant messaging app "MXit", have released an Adium plugin for running MXit on Mac.

I've just downloaded and used it, and it works like a charm. No problems to report about so far, and I'm ecstatic that I can finally chat to my MXit friends whilst on Mac (at the same time being able to talk to my Facebook and Gtalk buddes thanks to the amazing powers of Adium).

You can get the plugin for Adium from their official site. Note that you'll need to download and install Adium, the free and super-awesome instant messenger for Mac OS X.

MXit is also available for PC. You can download the full PC client (for free) from their site.

MXit is a free instant messenger that allows you to communicate with friends via your mobile phone, iPhone, Android device or BlackBerry. I was fortunate to be one of the few beta testers in South Africa to use the early MXit app back in 2005-2006, and it has grown rapidly since its official release.

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