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Apple is hosting a media event on January 26th, with the focus being the "mobility space". And judging by the mounting rumours of a certain Apple tablet (or is it "slate"?) computer being developed by the Cuppertino powerhouse, we're expecting Mr. Jobs to take the stage on what's being dubbed "Tablet Tuesday" - 26th January 2010, when the company is expected to announce this killer device.
What's revolutionary about this Apple tablet computer is that, like the iPod before it revolutionised the way we listen to music, watch movies and play games in the last decade, we're expecting this tablet or slate computer to revolutionise the way we read magazines, books, watch DVDs and other high-definition media.

As such, Byte Lounge will be first off-the-mark to let you know what's being announced at the event. I'll also publish my opinions on whatever is released on the 26th. We're going to be one of the few (if only) tech blogs in South Africa and The Netherlands to annonuce the breaking news almost minutes after it happens - even though we're not going to physically be there in California when the Apple engineers take the stage.

You're invited to join us as we witness history in the making, and you too can take part in the conversation by commenting on the stories about the new releases here at Byte Lounge.

In future posts, as we build-up to the event, I'll let you know the international times for when to tune in to the blog - South African, European and American times, that is.

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