CES Las Vegas: The Other Winners - Part 1


While Panasonic was wowing the crowds with their 3D screens, other brands were making scoops of their own. Here's some of them:

Home Theater: LG BD590

LG is holding its horses regarding the 3D bandwagon everyone seems to be jumping on, choosing a different route with their new Blu-ray player. The BD590 has a 250GB hard drive onto which you can store your own music collection (ripped from the drive itself or via USB) as well as photos and videos. Here are the main features:

- (the afore mentioned) 250GB Hard Drive for storing multimedia via USB and ripped music

- The ripped music is stored on the hard drive, and with built-in WiFi, all the information is taken care of by Gracenote

- Access to online streaming like Youtube and Picasa

- DLNA compliance - this allows you stream content from a connected computer.

Although the BD590 has no 3D, I feel that LG may have fallen onto something over here. If a person is going 3D, they will definitely need a new 3D-capable TV, 3D Blu-Ray Player and then the 3D movie itself! And, at least in the beginning anyway, 3D movies are going to be fairly scarce. With that in mind, the BD590 should fair reasonably well in 2010.

The People's Choice Award: Intel's Wireless Display Technology

We all know the hassle of connecting up laptops, desktops and the like to the larger plasma or LCD monitors: finding that elusive monitor cable or having to mess about with media formats if you use a media box; easy to work around when you have time, frustrating at best when you have to put something on the big screen for the whole family.

Processor manufacturer Intel aim to take care of these problems with their new Wireless Display Technology - fondly known as "WiDi". What this new technology involves is using a WiDi enabled laptop (a laptop with Intel's new 'Core' range of CPUs) and connecting wirelessly) to an adaptor box that plugs in to any display's HDMI port.

This certainly seems very promising, and, the prospect of gaming from a laptop onto a large monitor without the cable hassle is very appealing...let's just hope that Intel has taken care of potential lag issues that have plagued wireless streaming up to now.

Mobile Phones: Motorola Backflip

Motorola's new Android smartphone, the Backflip, is set to release in Q1/Q2 2010. The device will be available in Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America. (ed: hopefully the phone will be sold in Africa as well).

The phone will come with Android 1.5, which is upgradeable to 2.1 when it releases. Other features include a 5MP camera, 3.5mm (yay) headphone jack, and 2GB memory which can be expanded to 32GB, as well as a full HTML browser.

The Backflip is a quad-band GSM, with support for 850/1900/2100Mhz 3G bands (coincidentally the exact bands that AT&T use), and has WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS capabilities. At first glance, the Backflip is a revised version of the Cliq, but instead of the QWERTY keyboard sliding out, it folds out from underneath, like a book.

Another unique feature is the trackpad (Motorola calls it Backtrack), which is located on the back of the display when the phone is open. It works like a normal keypad, allowing you to work your way through pictures, home screen panes and much more. An interesting concept, but we'll have to see how well it does in the market. Oh, and by the way, the HVGA touchscreen is another way to navigate your way around the phone.

- Part 2 will be dedicated to 2 new laptops that will debut in 2010 -

What do you think of the new gadgets from CES? Post a comment and let us know.


Rahul Dowlath said...

I'm sure the Backflip will find its way over here... but I'm not much of a Motorola fan though.

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