CES Las Vegas: The Other Winners - Part 2


Continuing from Part 1, we take a look at two laptops that were showcased in Las Vegas. Here they are:

Tablets/Laptops: Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid

Lenovo's sleek new notebook is reminiscent of the older clamshell iBooks, or even the Motorola PEBL - in a laptop form. The feature that defines this notebook is the ability to undock its 11.6" screen, making it a Qualcomm Snapdragon - powered tablet. When docked, contact pins at the base activate the Windows 7 OS, and when undocked, Lenovo's Skylight OS (Linux based) takes over the show. At the CES, the Lenovo reps handled the docking demo, which, raises the question on how delicate the process is...only time will tell.

The base of the IdeaPad can function alone as its own Core2 machine (independent of the tablet screen) with the connection of an external monitor, making this a true 2-device machine. Both the screen and base have their own WiFi antennas and batteries, while the tablet also packs 3G and Bluetooth antennas, as well as speakers and a webcam.

The keyboard is reported to be flat and with certain flex, far from the excellent raised keyboards Lenovo is known for. Lenovo has said that the keyboard will be updated before release.

With tablet PCs really making their way back into mainstream in 2009, the Ideapad looks to be a great move forward. If Lenovo can get this right, both in terms of pricing and performance, then the Ideapad will take the market by storm.

Gaming Laptops: Alienware M11x

Alienware laptops are beasts, in terms of power, price and size. At the CES however, Dell (Alienware's Parent company) announced the M11x. The notebook is on the borderline with larger netbooks, with a screen measuring 11.6". Other features include nVidia's new GT335M video card, and the selling price comes in at below $1000 (around R7600 or 720Eur).

According to Dell, the M11x achieve about 6hrs when using the lower-intensity graphics, and around 2hrs when it's hardcore gaming time. The laptop can connect to a range of monitors, boasting DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA ports. The M11x can connect to larger fullHD monitors, and Dell claims that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will run at more than 30fps in fullHD with settings at HIGH. With COD's intensive graphics, this really is something to be proud of.

The long battery life is achieved with Intel's Core 2 ULV - Ultra Low Voltage - processor (the U7300 to be exact). Compared with other Alienware machines, the M11x is very thin, in fact, overall dimensions aren't very far from the 12.1" EeePC.

Dell says that even though prices start at "below $1000", actual pricing will begin from as low as $799. At that price, the M11x can punch in well above its weight (no pun intended).

What do you think of the new gadgets from CES? Post a comment and let us know.


Rahul Dowlath said...

Wow, that Lenovo tablet/laptop looks incredible! Really want to check it out in person. Great idea on Lenovo's part there, very innovative.

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