Google Nexus One: My Thoughts


The web's favourite search giant, Google, has launched their own phone running on their operating system, Android. Ever since the rumours of the OS began circulating way back over two years ago, many speculated that Google would be making their own mobile phone.

So when the company released Android, it was clear that their plan was to create a mobile experience that integrated the Google experience: Gmail, Calendar, Docs - the works, and at the same time capitalise on gaining a huge influx in users to their products.

But the tech community was caught by surprise when the Silicon Valley giant announced that they'd be launching their very own branded phone, which would be manufactured by smartphone maker HTC.

By selling their very own "Google phone", the company has created a device upon which all other Android smartphones are to be benchmarked. Because Google created Android, they're able to push this phone to its limits, creating the optimal user experience. And, as the early reviews of the device go, Andriod 2.1 (the latest version of the mobile system) rocks.

So what's my opinion on the Nexus One, the "Google phone"? Well, I think it's a great addition to the market. It'll force competitors Apple and BlackBerry to really re-look at their mobile products, and to better them for the sake of competition.

It looks good; very sleek and stylish. I particularly like the feature where the trackball lights up in three different colours for indicating whether a text, email or call is coming through. The all-touch screen looks professional, although I'd have preferred to have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for easier texting.

A cool new feature of the Android 2.1 software is voice-enabled text input. The entire operating system has this feature available, and it essentially allows you to talk into the phone and the device converts the audio into text. It's speech-to-text in all places of the OS. Cool.

Furthermore, the Qualcomm Snapdragon (Qualcomm QSD 8250 1GHz) processor that powers the phone is blindingly fast, and as such, after being experienced by users "in the wild", we're likely to look at getting this processor used in a larger variety of mobile devices, from tablet-like "slate" computers, to other smartphones. Rumour has it that Apple might by using the Snapdragon in their new iSlate (or whatever it's called) - although, earlier reports indicate that Apple's acquisition of PA Semi may lead to the company using their own microchip to power that device.

Google's first attempt at a mobile phone clearly points to the direction the company is headed in the not-too-distant future. I'm really looking forward to what the guys at the Googleplex have in store for us - with Android powering these Google phones, we're in for a treat!


Nitesh said...

What's really interesting is the heart of the Nexus: that Qualcomm processor. Not so long ago, the Samsung Jet was launched.

The name suggests lightning-fast speeds, and the processor doesn't let it down, clocking in at 800Mhz. That's as fast as a Pentium 3 and no less!

Let's hope that with this powerhouse driving the Nexus, that the battery life does not suffer.

Jasper said...

Yea, that's what I wonder, what's the battery life on these things? With the iPhone the battery survives for about a day...

Rahul Dowlath said...

The Nexus One is clocking it at 1GHz! For a phone, that's amazing! I agree with what you say about the battery life though, if the iPhone 3GS is any indication, we have to compromise if we want speed...

I think that phone makers need to take a step back for a moment and consider revising their battery strategy. Ideally, my dream phone would be anyhting 1GHz or faster, that lasts at least three days... but I know that'll remain a dream for a while...

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