Hope for Haiti - South Africa's Gift of the Givers support


I have just joined Bloggers Unite, an online organization that encourages bloggers to make aware world issues, and to voice our opinions on major events in the world.

And one such event that has really got the world into motion is the devastating earthquake in Port au Prince, Haiti. Bloggers Unite's objective is to provide information on the disaster, and relief efforts that are underway around the world.

Now, I live in Durban, South Africa, and a great charitable organization exists in my country that has been involved greatly in relief efforts over in Haiti. They're called Gift of the Givers and on 18th January the organization sent a second team of rescue operatives to Port au Prince. The team is carrying with them about R2.5 million worth of heavy equipment to aid relief efforts. Along with the rescuers is a media contingent that will be helping to broadcast information on the current situation there.

Read more about this relief effort from the South African organization here, at their official website.

This post is for the Bloggers Unite event, "Bloggers Unite for Haiti". Byte Lounge is now a member of this website. Read more about the event here.

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