Welcoming Nitesh Dowlath to the Byte Lounge team


Byte Lounge would like to welcome on-board Nitesh Dowlath, the newest member of the Byte Lounge blogging team!

Nitesh has previously helped me in writing a few posts by giving me a "heads-up" on some interesting topics to talk about.

He is an Android user of the touch-friendly HTC Hero, and will be addding his perspective on the Android platform in future posts.

An avid follower of all things tech, he's sure to add some of his own insights into the technology world, and he joins at a time when Byte Lounge has just shifted its focus slightly to cover a wider range of topics, from science to films - adding to the "digital lifestyle" concept that begun this blog.

An interesting note: Nitesh is from The Netherlands, and as such Byte Lounge is now updated from two places on opposite ends of the world! I write from Durban, South Africa, and Nitesh will be updating from Netherlands.

Looking forward to your insights and posts, Nitesh!

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