Facebook's New Design: Yes or No?


Facebook this week released its much anticipated re-design, which seeks to create a more streamlined user experience.

One of the major noticeable changes to everyone's favourite social network is the dismissal of the toolbar at the bottom, which had bookmarks for favourite applications. This has been swapped for a minimalistic tab at the bottom right for Facebook Chat.

Notifications are at the top, next to the Facebook logo, and a major move toward the streamlined sees the discarding of the user's name in the top right, which had a duplicate link to their profile under the tab "Profile" in the previous design.

Personally, I quite like this new design. It's less cluttered, more informative - I can access my friend's social feeds in a more simplistic manner, and all my applications and pages are listed in an accessible way to the left.

The unnecessary clutter of tabs for "Home, Profile, Friends etc." are now replaced with more Web 2.0-esque icons, which I'm liking too.

Now we're not all alike, and a few people are already disliking the new design. But this same uproar was heard of last time Facebook introduced a new design, and I guess only time will tell how Facebook's millions of users take to the new look.

The Big Question:
Do YOU like the new design? Take our quick poll below. We'd like to know how this new design fares with the rest of us. You can access the results once you've voted, but the poll will close next week Tuesday at 11:59AM. I'll release the full analysis then.

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