Nokia S60 Users: We've Been Shunned (and I'm getting very mad about it too)


Back in July 2009, after many months of research and convincing my parents, I finally received my Nokia N79, a mobile phone that promised me I could "share my passions".

Of course, being a blogger at heart, and a tech-savvy teenager, I was excited at the prospect of jumping on to the next generation of smartphones from Nokia, being able to easily connect to my digital social life. I'm an avid Facebooker, I tweet almost everyday, I need to check my Gmail on the go, and I follow many tech blogs that I need to consume RSS feeds for, so that I can provide the most updated, quality analysis here at Byte Lounge from a range of diverse, definitive opinions. And having GPS built-in doesn't hurt either.

In short, I was brimming with anticipation of taking my connectivity to new heights.

I was also excited to return to the Nokia brand, a brand I had grown up with, and that I respected and revered as truly connecting me to my world.

But then a shocking thing happened: the brand I had come to love had let me down. In fact, the way I see it, Nokia has let all S60 users down. And why? Because they've become so obsessed with churning out a myriad number of new devices, each worse than it's predecessor, and all for the sake of profitability. Of course, seeing how iPhone is killing the Finnish giant on it's own turf, one can expect Nokia to retaliate by attempting to regain market share in a once dominated territory.

But the real reason why I'm so mad at Nokia right now is not because they've become greedy, it's because the brand that I once loved has, as of current, refused to make a native S60 Facebook application for their Nseries devices, subsidise or support the creation of such software, or even intergrate Facebook into the social features of their devices. Let's face it, the generic Facebook Mobile site sucks.

Now of course Nokia is not responsible for actually developing these kinds of apps -- it's the duty of Facebook to do so -- I still feel that, if Nokia are loyal to their customers, and it they want to honour the commitment they've made of "sharing your passions", then they could collaborate with Facebook in developing this integration. It'd just make the whole Nokia experience more social.

Nokia has become obsessed with their Ovi offering, and while some of the service seems good, when compared to the might of Facebook and Twitter, it stands no chance. The mobile maker needs to wake up and realise that their little fantasy of owning a Web 2.0 social service site is just that: a fantasy. So they must acknowledge this, and build intergration into their current and new products. That way, we can all be happy.

I've been waiting for a native S60 version of Facebook for a long time now, and perhaps I speak for all you Nseries users as well, that my patience is running out. We S60 users need a Facebook application akin to Facebook for iPhone. We're being shunned, left in the dark, while iPhone and BlakBerry users can happily chat away on their slick social apps.

And Nokia wonders why their market share is slipping? Go figure.

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