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Firstly, let me begin by apologising to our followers for the delay in this post. There have been a few technical hitches that I have spent time ironing out with the posts themselves, and hopefully, this won't happen again.

Well, now that that's over and done with, let us move on. While the Mobile World Conference gets under way, giving us peeks at new mobile wonders, here is a different kind of mobile: Samsung's P410M Pocket LED Projector.

The P410M is the next iteration in Samsung's range of portable projectors, following up from the P400M. It has the same 30,000 hr lifespan as the previous model, but the one major improvement is the luminosity, moving up from 151 Lumen to 170. Other features however, such as the 800x600 DLP Beamer and the 1000:1 contrast remain the same.

Now, while the Pocket Projector may not exactly fit into your pocket, it certainly is portable, weighing in as a smidgen under 1kg. With a USB port,standard VGA port, RCA inputs, as well as two 1W stereo speakers, this makes it the ideal portable office projector. Although, even with the increased light intensity, this projector is still best suited to the dim office. At a price of $599, it digs deep into your pockets too.


anjula_jt said...

very nice overview. Please keep posting such front end technology developments.
KR Jyoti, Netherlands

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