Earth Hour. Let's Unite to Save the Planet Through Technology


The reality is that technology is a main cause for climate change. But as users of technology, and enthusiasts of computing, we have an obligation to the planet. And Earth Hour, an initiative started by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), is a great opportunity for you, as a tech-savvy user, to make your stand against this vile plague that's consuming the planet.

Earth Hour asks that you switch off your lights for an hour on Saturday, 27th March 2010. This global campaign, one of the largest in the world, and perhaps the largest collective stand against climate change, is to ensure awareness of the reality of climate change: that's it's there, it's destroying the planet, and we as humans are partly to blame, due to our industrial actions.

That's why, as users of technology, we at Byte Lounge pledge to you to join this global stand, this uniting of the world to curb carbon emissions and broadcast our message to those in our society that are still ignorant, or want to remain ignorant due to their guilt of playing a role in destroying the planet, by becoming a part of Earth Hour 2010.

It's simple, really: all you have to do is switch off your lights for an hour tonight, at 8:30pm.

But as Byte Lounge readers, I've got a challenge for you: let's take it a step further, and publicise and use clean-energy technology, or cut down our computing use during Earth Hour. We can do this by:
  • Running our computing devices at half-power, or no power at all.
  • Use energy-efficient sites. Did you know that Google has its own clean-energy version? It's called Blackle, and you can access it at www.blackle.com.
  • Making sure that, if game consoles are not in use, they're turned off, as "standby mode" still sipps power, and can be detrimental in the long-run.
Let's make the stand against global warming together. Visit the official Earth Hour website here.

Do you have any ideas on how to curb carbon emissions? Share them in the comments below.

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