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Oscar weekend is upon us once again, and the world's eyes turn this evening to the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood where the best of the best of showbiz are awarded for their exhilarating performances on the silver screen.

So, in the build-up to the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, I'm going to tell you about a few sites that'll keep you on the pulse of what's happening on the red carpet.

IMDB's "Road to the Oscars 2010"
The Internet Movie Database has a live page that provides the latest from Hollywood, including winners of the pre-Oscars awards, and insider gossip on who's expected to bag what. Check it out here.

The IMDB Live Twitter Feed
Along with their updated website, IMDB is running a Twitter feed directly from the Kodak Theatre. Be sure to follow it to get definitive Oscar coverage, especially if there's no TV nearby to watch the red carpet interviews.

The ultimate online Oscar experience is, of course, the official Oscar website. Watch live red carpet interviews, inside coverage of the awards, and celeb gossip from Hollywood in the build-up to the awards. This year, the Academy will be following in the wake of previous entertainment awards such as the Grammys, in embracing the social revolution by integrating the Oscar experience online through their official Oscar.com website.

The above three sites are great for keeping up with Oscar excitement. So, the big question really is: who do you want to see bag the big awards? My hopes are Up for Best Animated Feature, and Avatar for best Special Effects, Set Design and Director.

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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