Viewer Request: LED Projectors Part 2


Continuing on from the first part of this post, I want to look at an offering from 3M, their MPro120 Pocket Projector. Now in the first part of the review, we saw that while the Samsung was classed as a Pocket Projector, it really could not pull it off with a weight of just under 1kg.

The MPro120 succeeds where the P410M fails; weighing in at 154 grams. This makes the MPro120 very, very portable, more when you see the dimensions: just 120mm x 60mm x 24mm (L x W x H). That is smaller than an A5 sheet of paper, and can fit in a breast-pocket or comfortably with your laptop.

Bundled with the Pocket Projector are, an AC Adaptor, Mini Tripod, and a Audio/Video cable that allows you to connect your computer/laptop via a VGA port. It is possible to connect one's iPod Touch or iPhone. However, an optional cable is needed if you intend to use the Pocket Projector in that manner.

The MPro120 can display at a maximum resolution of 640x480, which is the standard VGA resolution, and can project screen sizes ranging from 8 inches as a minimum, upto a maximum of 50 inches. Providing the juice for this projector is a (rechargeable) lithium polymer battery which lasts up to four hours on the low brightness setting, and three hours on high brightness.

Those who have used the MPro120 say that in normal light conditions, the quality of the image produced leaves something to be desired, but once the ambient light is reduced, the MPro120 really shines (no pun intended), giving picture quality that is remarkable for such a small device.

If you are looking for a portable projector that is good for presentations and (occasionally) movies, then the MPro120 is a very attractive option. Check out 3M's Website for the latest pricing and other details.

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