Why You Should Be on Twitter Right Now


Twitter: love it or hate it, its the tech meme that has literally taken the world by storm. It's revolutionised the way we communicate, get the latest news and information, stay on top of the latest trends, and ultimately express ourselves. It's even taken us one step closer to communicating with our favourite celebrities and icons.

But there's still a majority of Internet users that remain cynical about the web app. Now while I understand that the premise of "wanting to know what random people are doing every two minutes" does not appeal to everyone, the unfortunate reality is that these web citizens have been drastically mislead as to the actual function of Twitter. And it's partially us Twitter-savvy users to blame.

We have advertised the service in the wrong light — emphasising the following of arbitrary people, and the position of the service as a "bordem-buster" web app.

Well, the bottom line is that Twitter is not a "boredom-buster" app. It's perhaps the 21st Century's most powerful marketing and social-influence technology, a platform that has incredible spin-offs for both businesses and individuals in enhancing brand image (be it corporate, or personal).

And if you're currently not on Twitter, and not using the service to publish your opinions in a concise format, then you're clearly behind in the tech world. A recent study estimates that Twitter has experienced a 1500% growth in users in in March 2010. It's moving the world, and you certainly need to get on now, or risk being left out in the near-future, when new and exciting features are added to the platform.

But the most beautiful thing about Twitter in my opinion, is the limitation of your tweets to 140 characters. This forces users to say more, with less. It embraces the concept of minimalism, another trend that is creeping into the modern, tech and lifestyle savvy society. It forces you to become creative, teaches you skills on expressing with less, and allows you to consume a lot more information a lot more quickly.

Twitter: love it or hate it, it's changing the world.

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