Apple Introduces "iAds" and Game Center


Along with the announcements of some really awesome new features for the iPhone OS, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has announced a new service from Apple, called "iAds".

It's a mobile advertising platform that's designed to be more intuitive than other ad services that developers use to monetize their apps on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Unlike adverts from other networks, iAds, which will be sold from Apple, and will give developers 60% of the total revenue earned, will allows users to remain within the app, and they can buy other applications for their gadgets whilst still in the current app.

This is an incredible way to monetize apps, as it carries Apple's tight integration with the apps — iAds will be build right into the iPhone OS.

The second big announcement besides iAds was Game Center, a sort of "Xbox Live" for the iPhone. As the iPhone has become more and more successful with gaming, with Apple reporting over 50 000 game and entertainment apps in the App Store, the Game Center will be a way for gamers to interact with friends, access leaderboards, and achievements. Really, it's Xbox Live for the iPhone, the way we see it. But it's great, nevertheless — it shows Apple's commitment to providing an awesome experience for its users.

A social gaming network, and advertising. Seems to us Apple is moving it up in the social media space. Google better watch out.

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