The Blogging Guide: Creating Content that Your Readers Will Love


When I started Byte Lounge over a year ago, the aim of the blog wasn't very concrete in my head. All I wanted to do was create a cool blog that would attract a large readership.

However, as with most ventures, you need to have a clear understanding of the role of your product, the audience you're targeting, and most importantly, quality content.

A year later, one more writer on the team, and a lot of experience gained, and I've realised how important those three aspects are in being successful with this venture. You've got to have a thorough understanding of the product you're offering, and you've got to create something that people will want to come back to see more of, often.

Blogging is a very fine art, an intricate balance between creativity, technical knowledge and good old intuition.

Having a successful blog, as I've learnt, means having top-notch content. But not only must your blog provide information that your readers will find informative, interesting or helpful, it must provide this content in a unique way.

Some means of accomplishing this are:
  • Having a well-designed blog. Let's face it: people don't like something that's ugly, and your blog deserves to look its best. Besides, having a stylish-looking blog will encourage you to write more, and it will tell your readers that you take your blog seriously.
  • Have strong faith in your blog. The first step to being successful is to believe, within yourself, that your blog is worth all those hours of hard work behind the scenes to get it up and running. By you believing in your blog, your readers will understand that the content you're providing has been well thought-out, and is thus of a finer degree of quality.
  • Ensure your English is well-written. Personally, I abhor blogs that are poorly written; it's the mark of a blogger that doesn't take care in what they do. So make sure that you've dotted your i's and crossed your t's; it'll go a long way to gaining readership, and retaining it.
  • Write relevantly. Make sure you keep to the theme of your blog (for example, Byte Lounge is all about providing opinions and news on technology to everybody, and not just the techies. That's why all the posts are relevant to the topic of this blog). Sometimes it's OK to go off-topic, for example, writing posts in support of awareness campaigns like Bloggers Unite, but the bulk of your posts must be within the confines of your theme.
  • Focus on the content, and the readers will come. It's the same analogy as "build it, and they will come". I can seriously vouch for this; when I started out with Byte Lounge a year ago, I was a nobody in the blogging world. But I focussed a lot of my blogging time on ensuring that the content on Byte Lounge was quality, and in time, my steady readership has increased. Mind you, it's not drastic, but it certainly goes a long way.
The bottom line is that being successful in the blogging world is not easy. It's a highly-saturated world, and the niches are evidently overlapping. Thus, in order to stand out, you need to have content that is of a high quality, and that is also presented in a unique and sometimes personal style.

If you have and tips of your own, please feel free to share them in the comments.

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