"Get a Mac" Ads Come to an End


It's a sad day for Mac fans everywhere: according to CrunchGear, Apple is ending one of the most successful advertising campaigns in recent history, the ever-popular and funny Get a Mac adverts featuring Justin Long and John Hodgman.

Long is reported to have said:

“You know, I think they might be done. In fact, I heard from John, I think they’re going to move on. I can’t say definitively, which is sad, because not only am I going to miss doing them, but also working with John. I’ve become very close with him, and he’s one of my dearest, greatest friends. It was so much fun to go do that job, because there’s not a lot to it for me. A lot of it is just keeping myself entertained between takes, and there’s no one I’d rather do it with than John.”
So long, Mac and PC. We'll miss you...

Take a trip down memory lane with this awesome compilation of the best "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" adverts.

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