iPad to Release Internationally Late-April 2010


As we approach the big day, when Apple will once again dominate the tech scene with yet another stylish device, last-minute rumours have begun circulating as to release date of the iPad internationally.
When CEO Steve Jobs announced the revolutionary device, he did state that it would initially be available to customers in the U.S. first, and that Apple plans on shipping out internationally "later in April 2010".

Recent rumours peg the release of the iPad internationally at April 24. This claim has been backed-up by the report from Canadian Apple Store employees, who say that they've been informed April 24th and 25th are "black-out periods", times in which Apple Store workers are not permitted to take off, as they are anticipated to be "peak periods" surrounding major product launches. "Black-out" periods have rarely been called for, so this must certainly be for a serious product launch — which points directly to the iPad, what's been dubbed as the "culmination" of Jobs' work at the Cuppertino company.

"Magical..." —Steve Jobs at the iPad announcemnt

One major concern regarding the international availability of the iPad lies with the iBookstore: countries such as South Africa, who currently have a sub-par App Store experience, remain at risk of having a similar experience with the new online store, if they have one at all. A probability that we see happening is the largest bookstore in South Africa, Exclusive Books, partnering to make ebooks available to South African iPad users when it launches here.

Another fact that South Africans wishing to own an iPad must take into account is that the rumoured date of the 24/25 April may just be for Apple's international countries, the select few countries that have Apple Stores (such as Canada, France, United Kingdom etc.) — actual Apple presence in those countries, and not "authorised reseller" brands retailing Apple products (such as Core Group's iStores).

Be that as it may, we still wait with bated breath as we see how the iPad fares with eager users in the U.S., and as we approach the rumoured date when the iPad is set to release internationally.

Are you planning on buying an iPad if it releases in your country? Drop a line in the comments below!

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