iPhone OS 4.0 — What it Means for the iPad


So the cat's out the bag: Apple has opened-up their mobile operating system, iPhone OS, somewhat by allowing one of the most sought-after features, multitasking. Byte Lounge carried coverage of the event, chronicling the historic announcement.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has stated that the latest OS will be available for iPad users "this fall" (spring in South Africa).

Whether this will be a free update or not is not yet known.

However, this major new feature inclusion will bring a surge of new customers to the iPad. Once deemed "not powerful enough" to replace a regular laptop for smaller tasks like blogging, users who initially refrained from purchasing the iPad because of its lack of multitasking will rethink their opinion of the latest Apple gadget.

Multitasking on the latest iPhone OS brings the mobile operating system into the "modern age". Many criticised Apple's move for not initially including this feature in the first three iterations of the software, but the long wait seems to have definitely paid off: the way in which Apple implemented multitasking is, to sum it up in one word, stylish.

I can't wait to see what it looks like, and how it performs, on the iPad, what with its monster A4 chip powering it.

This was a clever and certainly calculated move by the Cuppertino-based company. Multitasking means that users of its mobile devices will become more productive in their work, and at the same time it pushes devices like the iPad further into the mobile computing field.

What are your thoughts on the announcements made today at the Apple campus? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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