Acer CEO Gives Sneak Peak at 7-inch Android Tablet - Probable Q4 2010 Release


At their presentation in Beijing today, the highlight of the show was Acer's CEO giving the first sighting of its new 7-inch Android tablet. Shufflegazine has described it as "pretty fast with touch", however, CEO Gianfranco Lanci was reluctant to release any specs of the machine. Even though the release date seems a bit off in the distance, one must keep in mind that a few months ago Acer was not considering the tablet market at all. What has caught the attention of many is that networks operators were described by Lanci as the "obvious" sales channel, revealing that the tablet will probably contain in integrated 3G module. This would make the tablet not dissimilar to Amazon's own Kindle. Even though it seems that Lanci has created more questions than he has answered, what is clear to all is that exciting times lie ahead.

[Source: Shufflegazine]

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